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Designs  great drill for underground projects, directional drilling machines and liquid / slurry systems are produced.

We machine parts, we offer a trailer or skid mounted configurations. Every drill, maximum horsepower to maintain a long operating life, talent and are designed for versatile use.

Trencin, crawler trenching machines are in the position of world leader in the production of the manufacturer. Trencin kind of production firm; chain heavy duty grooving machines (chain trencher) bucket grooving machines (wheel trencher), rock cutting saws (rock sawa) has diversified drainage equipment and large irrigation canal open systems. It is also the world leader in the large rock in the excavation machines and grooving machine.

Oldenburg Cannon’s line of rock drills, drill jumbos, and roof bolters have earned a reputation for simplicity of use, rugged reliability, and lowest cost per meter drilled.
Jumbos are configured in double and single boom set-ups, with enclosed or open cabs. Each customer order is engineered to meet the needs of the mine plan.

A combination of power and simplicity of the concept holds a lot in front of others Forklift Series. The distinctive features of these machines for heavy equipment industry experienced the fore with low maintenance costs.