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KPI-JCI fine material washers deliver extreme productivity when and where you need it. Engineered with high-efficiency drives, the resulting low-horsepower requirement reduces operating costs while increasing throughput, ensuring your operation runs efficiently and profitably.

KPI-JCI coarse material washers are engineered to quickly adapt to your ever-changing needs. Both single and twin spiral designs can be easily reconfigured with numerous bolt-on paddle and flight arrangements to satisfy even the most precise specifications. Also equipped with our low power consuming, high-efficiency drive, the 500 TPH throughput sets a high standard for coarse material productivity.

Even the most agglomerated deposits are no match for the efficiency of KPI-JCI log washers. Our exclusive, reverse involution design has paddles arranged in a spiral pattern along the shaft, producing a much more effective scrubbing action to remove tough, plastic-soluble clays and other unwanted coatings. This unique motion ensures that some portion of material is constantly moving, leveling power demand while reducing power consumption.

KPI-JCI Blademills are designed for seamless compatibility with your existing processing plant. The innovative double-pitch flight and ribbed-paddle design efficiently conveys material through the blademill to break up sticky clay and muddy clumps with extraordinary effectiveness. Almost all of the bolt-on ni-hard paddles and spiral flights are adjustable to best match your aggregate production needs.

CDE Global offers a wide range of production solutions for all types of polluted mines, including washing, grading and recycling. CDE-Evowash cyclone washing systems, which are used especially in the process of cleaning the natural sand and the dust in the stone powder to make it suitable for the concrete aggregate, are widely used. The company, which also offers complex process systems, tests sample materials taken from the mine in its own laboratories.

The HYDRO-CLEAN® is an innovative high pressure washing system where the dirty raw material is subjected to a rotating water jet generated by a wash rotor. In a processing step the coarse dirt is removed and components that can be slurried are separated from the desired product. Thanks to the rotating washing rotor, the water jet cuts through the material bed and circulates or turns over the raw material inside the washing chamber. The raw material remains in the washing chamber only a few seconds and is subjected to the water jet multiple times. The material is then carried off as slurry, leaves the chamber and is wet-screened. The system’s cleaning performance has proven itself in a number of applications worldwide.